Thursday, November 20, 2008

HELIUS managed to coax KURT BUSIEK into discussing JERSEY GODS.

JERSEY GODS is fresh, fun and energetic -- a great idea, an involving story, a winner right from #1. And Dan McDaid's artwork is astoundingly good. Check it out -- you're gonna like it!


MARK WAID wouldn't talk about JERSEY GODS until BAROCK explained that it was necessary.

"Part Jack Kirby, part Grant Morrison, JERSEY GODS delights me with its energy. This book has heart. Cosmic Heart."


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BAROCK WANTS YOU TO BUY INVINCIBLE 55 ON NOVEMBER 19! Might I suggest that you do as he says? It's not advisable to piss off a God of War.

JERSEY GODS - 6 page short in INVINCIBLE 55

On Wednesday November 19, make sure you pick up a copy of INVINCIBLE 55 by Robert Kirkman. Inside this awesome book you will find a new 6 page JERSEY GODS short that serves as an introduction to our upcoming series. The MUST read of the week is the JERSEY GODS in "The In Laws Are Coming."