Thursday, July 30, 2009

A female perspective on JERSEY GODS.

Fantastic Fangirls, Jennifer Smith, has written an insightful and delightful article about why JERSEY GODS appeals to female readers:

The pin up below is by the mega talented Marley Zarcone and will be featured in the back of a future issue of JERSEY GODS.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

JERSEY GODS featured in GEEK MONTHLY magazine!

Laura Kiniry, charming South Jersey native, took time out from her far away travels to interview Glen Brunswick for the August edition of GEEK MONTHLY on stands now!

The third cover, inside the mall, was done by the incredible Paul Pope - uncredited in the article.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Glen Brunswick will be signing at GOLDEN APPLE!

Glen will be joined by fellow Image creators, Richard Starkings and Andy Suriano. We'll be signing books from 5-7 PM on August 5. Glen will be signing copies of the new JERSEY GODS trade and issue 6 which begins the exciting new story arc shipping that Wednesday. Come on by to pick up the new books and get 'em signed...or if you just have to express how brilliant we are. We can really never hear that enough. The choice is yours!

7018 Melrose Ave.
323 -658-6047

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Read the entire first issue of JERSEY GODS for FREE on NEWSARAMA!

In honor of the JERSEY GODS trade, collecting issues 1-5 of the new ongoing series, shipping July 22, we present the entire first issue that started it all:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dan McDaid and Mike Allred's JERSEY GODS Giclee prints at San Diego!

Just figured we'd show off the images of the two con-exclusive extremely limited high-quality Giclee prints we will have available at the San Diego show.

The first image is by our incredible series artist, Dan McDaid. It was used on the cover to the trade - as well as the alternate cover to issue 5. Rico Renzi did the amazing color job.

The other print is by Jersey Gods awesome cover artist, Mike Allred. This is the iconic JERSEY GODS 1 cover that kicked off the whole series. The truly wonderful colors are by uber talent -Laura Allred.

Both prints are on the highest quality watercolor paper. We have a very limited supply so we would suggest that if you want one of these beauties that you get to the JERSEY GODS booth early in your San Diego visit.

Update on Darwyn Cooke print for San Diego.

We unfortunately will not have a Giclee print by Darwyn Cooke at the show. We did not clear this with Darwyn in advance and therefore must act in accordance with his wishes.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JERSEY GODS at the IMAGE booth at San Diego Comic Con.

Glen Brunswick will be set up and sharing a table with JERSEY GODS cover artist, Mike Allred, at the Image booth in San Diego, July 22-26. We will be giving away 500 FREE copies of JERSEY GODS 1 to the first 500 visitors.

Also the JERSEY GODS trade paperback will make its debut, 2 weeks early, at the con.

Three con-exclusive extremely limited JERSEY GODS Giclees will also be available for sale at the show with art by Dan McDaid and Mike Allred

And last but not least - these beautiful silk-screened T-shirts pictured below will be available for sale only at the con. We just made 100 of them - so come early, pick up your free swag and a true JERSEY GODS collectible.