Monday, July 6, 2009

Dan McDaid and Mike Allred's JERSEY GODS Giclee prints at San Diego!

Just figured we'd show off the images of the two con-exclusive extremely limited high-quality Giclee prints we will have available at the San Diego show.

The first image is by our incredible series artist, Dan McDaid. It was used on the cover to the trade - as well as the alternate cover to issue 5. Rico Renzi did the amazing color job.

The other print is by Jersey Gods awesome cover artist, Mike Allred. This is the iconic JERSEY GODS 1 cover that kicked off the whole series. The truly wonderful colors are by uber talent -Laura Allred.

Both prints are on the highest quality watercolor paper. We have a very limited supply so we would suggest that if you want one of these beauties that you get to the JERSEY GODS booth early in your San Diego visit.

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mattcrap said...

wonderful image, Danny