Monday, July 27, 2009

Glen Brunswick will be signing at GOLDEN APPLE!

Glen will be joined by fellow Image creators, Richard Starkings and Andy Suriano. We'll be signing books from 5-7 PM on August 5. Glen will be signing copies of the new JERSEY GODS trade and issue 6 which begins the exciting new story arc shipping that Wednesday. Come on by to pick up the new books and get 'em signed...or if you just have to express how brilliant we are. We can really never hear that enough. The choice is yours!

7018 Melrose Ave.
323 -658-6047


Dan McDaid said...


Glen Brunswick said...

Wish you were gonna be with me, Danno.

Richard Starkings said...

Dan, you wimp, get on a plane!

Dan McDaid said...

Ha! Next year, Richard - you're not gonna be able to get me out of your adopted country!