Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dan's designs!

Hello, I'm Dan McDaid, the artist on Jersey Gods. In the run-up to issue one, I’m going to be posting lots of ruffs and sketches and other goodies here. Above, we’ve got Centrus, who as you can probably tell from his enormous head and generally aloof demeanour, is a scientist. But whose side is he on?

This is Sirius. He’s wise and gentle, but don’t be fooled - he can kick arse when he needs to.

Our hero’s best friend, Helius. He’s Sirius’ son, and like all children of royalty he radiates effortless confidence and cool. (The short, preppy sleeves weren’t working - though I still like them - so they’re gone now)

Our hero, Barock. Or as he used to be known, Barrac. When Glen and I came up with this character, no one had heard of Barack Obama - real world events overtook us slightly here, hence the tweaking of the name. This is an early design for Barock - he’s been streamlined a bit since then. Glen had specified he wear a helmet for space travel, but when it came to drawing issue one I forgot that this was the case, so - no helmet.

Our heroine, Zoe. I think Glen has created a really special character here, someone who is by turns sexy, clutzy, spoiled, funny... hopefully my design lives up to this.

And a wee experiment I did with the issue one cover art - trying to channel Wally Wood!


Paul Nolan said...

Are we going to get any

"this is Sirius"
"do I look like i'm Joking"


anyhoo, this is is one comic I'm seriously looking forward to.

can't wait.

Glen Brunswick said...

Man! Can I use that? Thanks, Paul! Feel free to donate other dialogue as well.

comicsubz said...

Looking forward to the book!

I have been wondering this since I have seen the cover. What do you use to ink? Brush, brush pen?

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks fellas. Glen, if you use that line - I'm walkin'.

comicsubz - it's mostly brush with acrylic ink. But I've been known to use brush pen, sharpie, biro... anything that gets the job done, really.

Paul Nolan said...

Any lines of mine are free to be used as long as they can get past the art team....


Glen Brunswick said...

Don't worry about Dan. I'll take care of him. Just send me the goods!

wolfboy said...

SO awesome. I call dibs on #1 fan!

Stinger said...

Look forward to this!

Stinger said...

Looking forward to this!